I try not to post too much about things that are wrong, except that sometimes things just confuse me so much that I have to.

So imagine when you go to and find that IE7 is available, and you say, oh gee, I guess I will install it. And you reboot twice...and your disk grinds through 30 minutes of updating and installing.

And at the end of all this upgrading, you have IE6!

But wait, before you had the IE7 beta. So of course you have no idea exactly why this happened, but you hope this isn't Microsoft's idea of a quick update.

To contrast: Firefox 2 on my MacBook, took 5 seconds to update from 1.5. Really, open the .dmg, drag a thing, wait 2 seconds, done.

This kind of complexity just doesn't make good sense.


Optimizing Page Load Time -

Aaron posted some neat tips & tricks on optimizing page load times over HTTP - check it out:

Optimizing Page Load Time -


Lite AIM

Lite AIM

Thank goodness.



Just in case you've tried to install PHP/MySQL/Apache/phpMyAdmin on Windows and have a headache now, there's WAMP which does it all for you in a nice installer, the way mom used to make 'em.